HANS™ Premium Water System by Culligan®

Filtered water at every tap & fixture in your home.

Stop Worrying About Your Water!

A HANS™ Premium Water System by Culligan® protects your whole home, providing safe, filtered water at every tap. A HANS™ Premium Water System:
  • Reduces 99% of dangerous contaminants including lead, arsenic and PFOAs
  • Removes bad taste and smells, and high iron and acid
  • Provides salt-free water softening
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty for residential applications
  • Is made right here in the U.S.

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What Clients Say
I have had my filtration system for over a year. I called and asked if they could send a tech out to change my filters. You can do it yourself but due the effects of chemo I was not able to change them. They were so kind and sent a tech to the house to change the filters in less than three days! He not only changed the filters but inspected the system and made me aware of a slow leak in my plumbing. I am so grateful for his attention to detail as he saved me what would have been an expensive repair bill and possibly having to replace my cabinet. Call Culligan for all your water filtration needs they really care about you!
Culligan Customer
Virginia Paul
- Culligan Customer